Taking Measurements to Make Sure It'll Fit

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A trusty tape measure + some quality painters tape: two essential tools to make sure you're getting the right size items for your space

Furnishing a room from scratch and want some help to visualize furniture sizes?

If you're working with an empty room, try taking a tape measure and some non-damaging painters tape to mark out the dimensions of the largest furniture items first. You can generally put the tape down right on the floor.  Be mindful of access to outlets, light switches, vents and entryways. Please consider the size and scale in comparison to your current furniture.

Tip: don't leave the tape down longer than a few days, or on newly finished hardwood surfaces, to avoid damaging floor surfaces.

Want more help selecting furniture for your whole room?

If you're still unsure of what items will comfortably fit in your room, or how traffic will flow around the furniture, we'd be happy to help! Please take a look at our simple Design Service packages. We're offering hourly packages in either 5 or 10 hour blocks so that we can guide you for a predictable pre-set fee. 

View our Design Service packages here

Ordering a rug?

Make sure you're aware of any door swings that might open over the rug. If they intersect, take a close look at the gap under the door to see if there is enough room for the door swing to comfortably move over the rug. You may need to select a smaller rug size to be on the safe side if you're working with a smaller room.  Check out our Rug collection here.

Tip: One of our favorite 'professional' install supply tricks is just for rugs! We don't often recommend using rug pads in commercial spaces, as most pads increase the chances a rug could move and trip up your guests. We often use double stick rug stickers - which are readily available from Amazon and other merchants. We recommend applying the stickers as a pair in each exposed corner, and every few feet along any exposed edge of the rug. Exposed edges are the sides of the rug that won't have any furniture sitting on the rug where the rug edge finishes. We've had great luck using rug stickers on most commercial flooring surfaces, but please check any product you purchase for compatibility with the flooring materials in your space. 

Ordering artwork?

If you're unsure of the most appropriate size to balance your furniture, you can take some non-damaging painters tape or washi tape to box out the corners of the artwork size directly on your wall. Take a step back after putting the tape up and to compare the scale against existing or planned furniture. 

Our artist collections are sold unframed, so you will likely have some flexibility when framing to decide on larger/smaller mats and frame styles, which will also impact the visual scale of the finished artwork. 

Ordering bath accessories?

We recommend checking the area you'd like to use your item, to make sure the items you're adding will nicely. This is particularly important in smaller washrooms, if you're adding accessories to a storage tower with fixed shelves,  and in any area where you're adding accessories around non-movable fixtures. 

Dimensions to double check could include:

  • The space atop a credenza, if you're using a large tray to display beverages for a dry bar in your waiting room.
  • The space between a toilet and the wall, for fitting a wastebasket
  • The vertical space between open shelves in a display tower, when adding a greenery arrangement or containers of guest amenities. 
  • The open space on a countertop, if you're thinking of adding an organizational tray to keep the countertop neat & tidy. Just take a ruler to the space between sinks / fixtures to make sure the tray will nicely fit.