Tips for Delivery Day

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Tips for a clean delivery to a newly finished space:

Below are the steps we like to take when accepting furniture deliveries to freshly painted / wall covered / carpeted spaces. Move-ins are usually quite messy, but once a space is 'broom-clean' and handed over from a landlord, it's best to minimize any extra cleanup that'll be required to open for business. 

Top tips for guiding your furniture delivery crew through setting up your new furniture:  

  • Designate a point person (yourself or somebody you trust) to stay with the delivery guys while they're on site. This person should know where the new furniture will go, be empowered to make decisions of alternate furniture placements should they be necessary, and should plan to stay with the delivery team throughout the time they are on site. This person will also be responsible for inspecting the newly delivered furniture once it's unwrapped. 
  • Depending on the type of furniture you've ordered, there will be some number of different layers to the furniture packing materials. We often find it's best to direct the team to open any outer crate packaging just after an item is taken off the truck, but while still sitting outside, so you can evaluate if the outer packing should be removed and left outside before they come into your space.
  • Are the crates / cartons excessively dirty? Outer crates and cartons often arrive with a heavy coating of grey dust / dirt / and occasional oil marks that can be hard to see on the packaging, but which will make your space dirty when brought inside. This is normal for the supply chain, but deadly if they'll be unpacking brand new upholstery! If you find that the crates/cartons ARE heavily coated in dust, ask the delivery guys to "Please wash their hands after carrying the wrapped item inside, but before removing the inner wrapping materials." It's best to have hand soap and a roll of paper towels handy just in case. 
  • Ask the crew to open one end of the carton and take a peek inside to determine if there is sufficient clean inner-wrap to protect the item when removed from the shipping crate. 
  • If so, then we recommend asking the team to carry the furniture (still wrapped in the clean inside packaging) to the intended room, and only unwrap it once it's roughly in place.
  • This helps avoid tracking in any dirt from the outer packing materials and reduces the chance of wall/corner damage from the hard outer crates. 
  • Check for damage and document when needed: Please make sure you document any visible damage to the exterior packing materials (photographs and notes) or the interior packing materials as your items are unwrapped. Inspect the furniture once it is unwrapped - you will be signing to confirm items were delivered without damage before the white glove crew departs. 
Put Down Protection If It's Possible

If possible, we recommend putting down protective materials, such as plastic walkway film, clean masonite boards to protect delicate flooring and millwork, and rigid cardboard corner protectors to protect the entry, doorways, and hallway corners. Unfortunately it's not always realistic to do so. 

If the entry to your space is very dusty (often seen in new construction with drywall dust in the corridors) you might want to consider providing shoe covers for workmen crews. But please note that it's not always safe for them to be worn, particularly when carrying heavy items. 

Your White Glove Furniture Delivery 

The white glove delivery team will safely bring your furniture into your space during the scheduled delivery appointment. The team will then take the item into your space, unwrap it, place in it's intended location, and dispose of any remaining packaging.

Prepare Your Existing Space for a Safe Delivery

Before your new furniture arrives, we kindly suggest:

  • Removing furniture that is being replaced, as our delivery team is unable to assist in moving existing furniture.
  • Clearing a path and protecting anything susceptible to damage such as floors, furniture or entryways. Consider temporarily removing any smaller delicate objects that might get in the way on delivery day: light and ceiling fixtures, wall art, area rugs, plants and other décor.
  • Moving pets to a separate room to keep them safe.

If you haven't already done so, please take the time to walk through the delivery route to make sure your furniture can be safely delivered to the room of your choice. Find alternative pathways if necessary.