About Us

Hello and welcome to Fount, exclusive and holistic design collections for wellness, hospitality, office and residential environments. 

We are Angela Sarmiento and Michelle Granelli, principals of Urban Chalet. As interior design leaders in health and wellness for two decades, we recognized a gaping hole in the industry. 

We know that serviced-based businesses require polished, welcoming and cohesive spaces to succeed. But they often cannot afford a full service interior design firm, are overwhelmed by the process and multitude of choices and don’t even know where to start.

We have a proven track record and we know what delights users and what products last, we have relationships with the best manufacturers and most of all, we have a passion for making superb design available to everyone. 

Including everything needed for a cohesive and harmonious space - including furniture, rugs, custom art, finish specifications and more - Fount collections are carefully hand selected by us and our design team. 

With an eye on beauty and quality and attention to color, textures and layers, we literally touch and feel every item in the collections. We handpick the best premium grade products from the most reputable manufacturers and our selection process balances aesthetics, function, durability and comfort. 

You can select one collection or curate items from each. Need help? Have a quick turnaround? Add on a design package and our experienced and helpful designers will guide you in your custom selection process.