A Walk-through of the Order Process

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We're delighted that you've found our collections and are getting ready to place an order. Your space is sure to be beautiful!

Want more details on what to expect when you place an order with Fount? 

Step 1: Shop our curated collections

Shop one of our curated collections, or choose individual products to fill your space. Each collection is essentially a professional Interior Design package that has been pre-designed as an option for your space.

Opening a new business or looking to refresh your office with an entirely new look and feel? Our collections are the best way to get started. Select the collection that best speaks to the environment you'd like to create. Collections are also an excellent way to get started if you're looking for new furniture to support refreshed branding and signage. 

If you've got an existing space and you're shopping for replacement furniture, we still recommend starting out with our curated collections. Look through our available collections and find the style that best matches your existing vibe, to help you narrow down the furniture that will work best with what you already have. You can also start with our Core collection, for a selection of quality contract furniture in universally flattering fabrics and materials.

Step 2: Review our tips to prepare for your order

Before placing any custom furniture order, we recommend that you take great measurements and walk through the route the furniture will be delivered (from truck to final location!) 

  • Measure the room your pieces will go in to check the size, and keep in mind that you'll want to leave enough room for a comfortable walkway. Please consider the size and scale in comparison to your current furniture. Make an outline on the floor with painters tape to visualize how additional furniture will fit. Keep in mind that your space may have small obstructions that could prevent a sofa from sitting flush against a wall (think baseboard heaters, plumbing soffits, or deep window stills, etc.) If your room is super spacious with open and easy access - lucky you! If not, it's best to double check to be sure.
  • Measure the doorways and openings in the delivery route to ensure the furniture will fit. Take a close look at doorways, elevator openings and diagonal depth, stairs and turns in service hallways, ceiling heights, etc. Account for handrails, door knobs, trims and hinges that can’t be removed. Measure the clearance from the door to the nearest wall or immovable object. If necessary, plan to remove interior doors before delivery. We want each new furniture piece to be safely delivered to the room of your choice. Funny as it may be on Friends, nobody wants to wait for a custom sofa to arrive only to find it can't get inside the door! 
  • Furnishing your space from scratch? See our post with more tips on how to properly measure your space, and expert guidance for planning the small details of your order. 
Step 3: Consider getting a fabric swatch before ordering your furniture

Because our furniture is all custom made to our quality expectations, orders for furniture aren’t eligible for return or cancellation once your order has been submitted. Fabric swatches are available if you’d like to see and feel our fabrics in your own space before ordering.

If you’re decorating your space from scratch, may we recommend you consider looking at the coordinating Architectural Finish Package that matches with the upholstery option you’re shopping for? Our finish packages are designed to make it easy for you to end up with a beautifully finished space. We include time-tested paint colors and finish materials that we’ve used in our design projects for years. It’s super helpful to see the paint colors, recommended flooring, and upholstery fabrics all together as a palette to get the best visualization of how your finished space will look.

Tip: Look at the upholstery fabrics (and any finish package materials) in your actual space. See how they look in changing lighting conditions from morning, to noon, and night. 

Step 4: Place Your Order

Place your order. Shipping and handling costs are free - what you see is what you get at checkout.

For orders including upholstered custom MTO furniture, a swatch of the upholstery fabric for your piece will be sent to you automatically so you have a fabric sample in-hand while you wait for the item to be produced. 

Step 5: Shipping Notes re: Furniture Items

For small furniture items, we try to use freight shipments whenever possible, as this is the least expensive method. However, the majority of our furniture catalog is entirely custom made for you, and it's safest to have them delivered via a White Glove service, which is our standard. 

Note - Your order may be delivered in several shipments. We can ship to residential addresses; however, surcharges may apply.

We've been coordinating furniture shipments and installations for our clients for years, so we understand that there can be extra delivery instructions to pass along that don't easily fit in an online checkout system. Please contact us, either before or after placing your furniture order, if:

  • If you have additional instructions for the delivery address (address corrections, special hours when furniture can be delivered, special insurance requirements for white glove crews, building restrictions on delivery trucks and service providers, etc)
  • If there is a specific date that you anticipate getting access to your new space, and we need to plan your order around it, please let us know. We ship our furniture orders as items become available, but we understand that project opening dates can sometimes shift for reasons outside of your control. If this happens to you, please contact us ASAP so we can discuss your options. We may be able to hold the items in your order at the closest warehouse for an additional fee.

You can reach us for help with any questions or concerns at hello@shopwithfount.com 

Step 6: Made-To-Order Furniture goes into production

Custom furniture has an average production time of 8 to 14 weeks. Please reference your order confirmation for the anticipated ready-to-ship date. 

We will email you with any updates to the estimated ship date for your items, and to notify you when your furniture production is nearing completion, so you can start planning for delivery.  

Step 7: Your order is prepared

If you've ordered a mix of smaller goods (such as accessories, artwork, rugs, etc) and custom furniture, we will be in touch to coordinate delivery with you when we process your order. Smaller goods are generally prepared and shipped out to you ASAP with parcel services like UPS and FedEx. Orders for Fabric Memo Samples and Architectural Finish Packages may be shipped via parcel services or USPS Priority Mail. 

Orders for Artwork and Wall Covering will be shipped to you directly from our partners once produced. 

Orders containing more than one custom MTO furniture item are generally shipped to a regional warehouse as production is completed on each furniture item, and will then be delivered via White Glove as available. This gets your furniture to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to hold your MTO furniture items until all items are ready for a consolidated White Glove delivery, please contact our specialists ASAP at hello@shopwithfount.com or 1-888-909-1875.

Step 8: Delivery is Scheduled 
Once your order is ready for delivery, we will email you with instructions on how to schedule a time with our carrier. When you schedule your delivery, we recommend requesting a 30-min heads up call from the driver of our delivery partner. 
Our delivery partner will confirm the schedule with a call approx. 24-48 hours before delivery to provide a 2- to 4-hour delivery window.
Step 9: Prepare for Delivery Day

Before your new furniture arrives, we kindly suggest:

  1. Removing furniture that is being replaced, as our delivery team is unable to assist in moving existing furniture.
  2. Clearing a path and protecting anything susceptible to damage such as floors, furniture or entryways. 
  3. Consider temporarily removing any smaller delicate objects that might get in the way on delivery day: light and ceiling fixtures, wall art, area rugs, plants and other décor.
  4. Moving pets to a separate room to keep them safe.

If you haven't already done so, please take the time to walk through the delivery route to make sure your furniture can be safely delivered to the room of your choice. Account for stationary objects like fire sprinklers, angled or low ceilings and handrails. Find alternative pathways if necessary. 

Step 10: On Delivery Day

Our furniture is delivered with White Glove service.

The white glove delivery team will safely bring your furniture into your space during the scheduled delivery appointment. The team will then take the item into your space, unwrap it, place in it's intended location, and dispose of any remaining packaging.

We recommend designating a point person (yourself or somebody you trust) who knows where the new items should be placed, and will plan to stay with the delivery team throughout the time they are on site.

Tips for a clean delivery to a newly finished space:
    1. Depending on the type of furniture you've ordered, there will be some number of different layers to the furniture packing materials.
    2. We often find it's best to direct the team to open any outer crate packaging while still at the back of the truck, so you can evaluate if the outer packing should be removed and left outside before they come into your space.
    3. If so, then we recommend asking the team to carry the furniture (still wrapped in the clean inside packaging) to the intended room, and only unwrap it once it's roughly in place.
    4. This helps avoid tracking in any dirt from the outer packing materials and reduces the chance of wall/corner damage from the hard outer crates. 
    5. Please make sure you document any visible damage to the exterior packing materials (photographs and notes) or the interior packing materials as your items are unwrapped. Inspect the furniture once it is unwrapped - you will be signing to confirm items were delivered without damage before the white glove crew departs. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new furniture!

We'd love to see your finished space! Please consider posting your finished space photos with the tag #byfount or #shopwithfount